Scratch Free Appliance Repair

So you hired an appliance repair technician. He came to visit your kitchen and that broken dishwasher. He pulls out the dishwasher, checks the wiring and finds a loose wire. He fixes the wire and pushes back the dishwasher in place.

Fixed right? Surely you paid the service fee and the technician rushes off to another job.


Then you notice a big scratch on your floor. You had hardwood and the technician ruined it by pulling the dishwasher out. Oh no! you call the technician and he doesn’t pick up the phone. Then you wonder what to do? Can I go to home depot to buy a scratch filler? But its hardwood and the scratch is too deep. So you call your hardwood supplier and he tells you that you need to replace a huge chunk of your floor which will cost you $450. Oh no!

Now thats a dent you may either live with or replace it with the money in your pocket.

This is a common case of careless appliance repair technicians.

If you have one visiting your home. Make sure you have a towel or a cloth to be placed on the floor (especially hardwood) prior to having your technician fix your appliances.

This will leave a scratch free appliance repair.