Bosch Dishwasher e24 Error

So we had a customer call us from Toronto today to ask about an error he was experiencing.

It’s Bosch again…

E24 Error

E24 Error indicates problems with the drainage system in the dishwasher.

There are quite few things that can go wrong;

  • Sensor malfunction
  • Pump malfunction – Dishwasher stopped draining
  • Electronic problems
  • Clogging (The most common problem with dishwashers)
  • Problems with the hose — perhaps it is bent or moved

The simplest way to deal with E24 is to first look at the drain system – take out the hose and see if there are any visible issues. Next try to pour water into the drain and see how fast water drains. In case there are clear issues, clean the drain (CLR or baking soda mix) or call an Appliance Repairman who will do it for you (service calls and repair are cost effective).

Likewise, problems with hose are also quite often to be called. See if there are any changes that have been done recently due to frequent use. Try to run the dishwasher again. If the problem persists, call an appliance technician.